"We are so thankful to have had Emily as our wedding photographer. She is wonderful! Not only is she an incredibly gifted photographer, she is also kind, caring, and gracious—qualities that are of greater worth than gold.

For any wedding, there are always so many things to worry about: venue, food, florals, guests, family dynamics—the list goes on. But Emily was never someone we had to worry about. She was understanding, encouraging, and accommodating, and she was always on top of things on her end!

Emily photographed our wedding day in the most beautiful, loving, and genuine way. Very artful, natural, and captivating. She is so undeniably gifted and has a knack for seeing people and capturing them in their best light. She has a great observational eye and is unafraid (and skilled) at capturing people in motion. We really love all the photos she took. Her photographs bring back such wonderful and joyful memories of our wedding day.

Honestly, we truly couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. We will cherish the photos that Emily took of our wedding day for as long as we shall live."

- Anita and Peter

"We did a lot of research before choosing our wedding photographer. We were attracted to Emily's work because of the candid nature of her photography; she has a knack for capturing precious unposed moments that translate into memories for a lifetime. Emily is so easy to work with, laid back in her style but extremely professional, organized, and timely. To say we were blown away by the finished product would be a huge understatement. The person you trust to photograph your wedding day is such a critical decision and Emily is the best in terms of someone who can make you feel safe and well taken care of, comfortable in front of the camera, and give you a beautiful collection of memories to last a lifetime."

- Anna and Matthew

"5 stars is sort of an insult to Emily, this woman deserves way more. She responded quickly with lots of detailed information presented in a very professional way. And she went above and beyond by always asking if there was anything else she could help with. On our wedding day, we absolutely loved having her there. She was such an amazing presence & helped me more that day than she'll ever know. She made everything so easy & I cannot thank her enough. All that to say - I ended up with the most magical photos of that day, ones I will cherish forever."

- Patricia and Jacob

"Emily, we are so grateful for everything you did for us from start to finish. You were so easy to work with — everything you needed from us leading up to the wedding day was very clear. And the day of the wedding, you helped us feel so calm, not just with your words but also with your character. Each step in the day you communicated with us and really just kept everything going so smoothly. I knew you knew what you were doing!

We had some friends and family members comment on how calm and swiftly you moved, specifically during the ceremony. I appreciate that you showed so much care towards our bridal party and family — and you learned everyone’s names (and so quickly too)!

We will be holding onto these photos forever, and we can’t wait to fill our walls with them. They are so beautiful and capture us and each element of our day so well. All your future clients are so lucky to have you & we’ll always be recommending you to others! "

- Korie and James

"There are not enough words to describe the talent that Emily has as a photographer. She captured the joy in our wedding celebration so well. Our pictures are INCREDIBLE and she photographed the spirit and happiness the event perfectly. She truly puts you at ease and makes everyone feel comfortable. We had SO much fun too — Josh and I laughed out loud at so many of the photos. I know that we will look back on these pictures for the rest of our lives with such happy memories. Emily, thank you so much for everything! You are truly a one of a kind person and have the most wonderful heart."

- Nora and Josh

"Emily, you have been an absolute dream to work with. You went above and beyond in every way. Your gift and note was so incredibly thoughtful and we totally want to hangout again!! Honestly, we truly can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for us through this whole process. Our day and everything around it was so much better because of you."

- Lydia and Nick

“Emily, we just looked at our engagement photos and are quietly weeping. They’re stunning. You are a literal angel who captured our love so perfectly. Thank you so much.”

- Sophie and Wilson

"I was delighted to have booked Emily for our wedding this summer. From start to finish she was professional, but also so affable and easy to work with. While all of her photos turn out stunning, I believe Emily has a special eye for capturing candids and editing truly timeless black and white photos. She is a well seasoned and gifted photographer. Emily isn't afraid to take the lead when needed, but can also blend seamlessly into the background -- taking an impressive variety of shots as she goes! I will cherish the photos Emily took of our wedding day well into my old age. She managed to captured the essence of our family, friendships, and love in a tangible way. Nothing is more priceless and worthy of preservation than those things."

- Hannah and Isaac

"Emily took exactly what I had in my mind for pictures and truly made them come to life, even better! She was so friendly through the whole process and I felt like I was talking to a friend, rather than a business person. Her responsiveness was timely, which puts a stressed and anxious bride at ease. She was prompt and meshed so well with my bridal party. So many things are going on so fast during your day, so her being there by my side made it easy for all those little moments to be shot. Our pictures are beautiful and I can't wait to print them for everyone to see."

- Chelby and Rob

"Emily, first of all - thank you so much! I remember you telling me something along the lines of you aim to capture images that would make you feel the moment all over again when you look at them. You did exactly that. Terrell and I could feel every moment. We am so thankful for them."

- Rebekah and Terrell

"I can't imagine our wedding day without Emily. I knew she would really capture it: the genuine smiles, the little glances, all the precious moments that you never want to forget. We look at our photos and it brings us right back to exactly how we felt that day. She captured “us” so perfectly - allowing us to be who we truly are as a couple. She is the perfect mix of fun and professional. She lets the shoot naturally unfold and documents beautiful photos in the process. Thank you for giving us a gift that we will cherish and treasure forever!"

- Hannah and Drew

"Emily, we are so in love! even saying that doesn’t give it justice. The first thing Bert said when he went through the gallery is, “Wow, they’re all so beautiful.” Looking through the gallery, it makes me feel like I’m back there (I know it’s only been a few weeks, lol but I hear Emerson laughing and see him running, etc. I hope that makes sense!) Ugh, they’re just so perfect. Thank you x infinity, we’re about to go print crazy with these! We look forward to another magical session with you next year."

- Jenny, Bert and Emerson

"Emily is an incredible photographer. What sets her apart is that she seamlessly and immediately discovers her client's personalities and brings them out perfectly in her photography. The richness one can find in each picture is breathtaking and each of her photos tell a beautiful story. Emily provided us with beautiful and tangible memories of our wedding day, and for that we are very thankful."

- Rebecca and Peter