Photographs aren't meant to live on a screen. Especially photographs of those you love. They aren't passed down through generations by sitting on a computer. Until photos are printed, they're just data. Social media changes, technology becomes incompatible, phones die, hard drives fail.

Instead, they are meant to be: printed, held, put in albums and books and frames, shared with family, and looked at for years and years. Something magical happens when photographs become tangible - they have soul. You get more attached to them in this form - more than you thought you would. Holding a photo book in your hands is the ultimate re-experience. Imagine picking it up and opening it up to the first page. You are back in that place in that moment with your loved ones. You stop time and memories come to life.

Your children will cherish this - and your children's children. They are a direct link to the past that would otherwise be visually lost if not for these photos. In this digital age, it is important to remember that some things are timeless. Holding a photo album in your hands, or hanging a print on your wall: that's what your memories are meant for. That's doing them justice.