I believe a photo holds more power and value when it reflects a genuine memory.

I consider myself a calm presence and a quiet observer and anticipator on the wedding day. I create quickly and intuitively without worrying too much about perfection in the sense. I aim to create a space where you can feel very present and can completely experience the fullness of your wedding — and then receive photos that reflect that.

I want your photos to feel unexpected and unique, and also familiar and approachable. I believe allowing people to interact as they naturally would produces results that are so much more interesting than if I posed every single couple the same way. I want you to look your photos and recognize the way you interact with each other, the way you laugh, move your hands, your mannerisms, expressions. The frames that are conversational and not quite in place are my favorite — the honesty in them just really resonates with me.

It is my intention to document everything exactly as it’s happening, and every person exactly as they are. I want you to have beautiful images, but my goal is never to make your day about creating perfect photos or replicating trends — I think how I get the shot matters just as much as the shot. I don’t want you to feel like you have to perform or present yourselves a certain way on your wedding day, or feel like you’re sacrificing a huge part of the day to take several posed photos, so no pulling you away from anything or interrupting a moment to move it elsewhere,

no poses or prompts that feel too forced or set up (no laughing or kissing on command)

and no staged or manufactured moments just for show.

...and instead prioritizing real emotions, genuine memories, spontaneous moments, your values and what's important to you, celebratory bear hugs, joy and laughter, the gravity of your relationship and commitment, the significance of having everyone together, being as present as possible, etc...

Just think, these photos will outlive you and they are a direct link to the past that would otherwise be visually lost — an honest chronicle. They ripen and gain more value over time. They are for you to enjoy now, but they are also for your children's children to revisit years and years from now. That’s also a part of why I do it the way I do it. Below are photos of my parents and grandparents that inspire me —