I got married recently! On May 30, 2020, we gathered with our parents and siblings on the shores of Lake Michigan on a warm and windy day. Almost every single aspect of our wedding plans were changed last minute because of the pandemic, but it was still so incredibly perfect and special.


My husband Luke is a cellist, doctor-to-be & aspiring cook. Look for us at the symphony when we're not studying or editing.


Our last trip was to Utah — here we are at the salt flats!


This is my family! There's Bob the Builder, Gail the Nurse, and my 3 younger siblings: Sarah, Brad & Ray.


I lived in India for awhile and as cliché as it sounds, it changed my life. Not enough room on this page to write what I'd want to say about it here!

p.s. I really want to shoot an Indian wedding so if you know anyone...


After India, I backpacked around Thailand, the east coast of Australia and the north and south islands of New Zealand.


Some of my favorite concerts I've attended so far: Tallest Man on Earth at the Ark, Noah Gundersen at the Ark, Bon Iver outside in the pouring rain, Bon Iver at the Fox in Detroit, Arturo Sandoval at St. Cecilia's, Chris Thile at St. Cecilia's, and Anais Mitchell at Wealthy theatre.


I am very happy in a kayak...


or on my yellow bike.


I have around 15 pairs of glasses.


Michigan beaches have a big piece of my heart.


This is the first photo that ever sparked my interest in photography — a photo of dew drops on my dad’s yukka plant. I thought it was cool that the drops were clear and the background was blurry and that was it, the rest is history.


I’m an enneagram 9w1. I'm open minded and see things from both sides, but I also avoid conflict. I strive for an inner peace and love crossing things off a to-do list, but I'm easily distracted. I like to do things perfectly, but I also overthink.(1) I am often ambitious and driven(3) but can also get anxious and overwhelmed.(6)

I know it's trendy, but it's also so interesting and helpful.

film scans and slides from my parents and grandparents that inspire me...

luke for scale: a series