I'm drawn to photos that others may deem imperfect and my favorite frames are always the ones I couldn’t have possibly posed. Something about the honest story they tell just really resonates with me. I won't fake or stage anything, and I won't ask you to either. I'm very hands-off and try to prompt and direct as little as possible. That might sound scary to some because yes, being in front of a camera is vulnerable, but I truly believe that it will be so much more meaningful if the photos are associated with genuine memories for you. I want to be a support and friend to you so that you feel free to be present and open with each other around me.

I want you to have beautiful images, but my goal is never to make your day about creating perfect photos. Your wedding day is not a photo shoot. I’m not there to replicate a viral trend, or to make pretty photos for my feed. It's the day you start your biggest commitment. It's the day you start a marriage. It's an insanely special, once-in-a-lifetime event for you to celebrate your relationship with each other and your loved ones so even that simple candid shot matters.

I consider myself a calm presence on the wedding day, constantly observing, a bit of a fly on the wall, making sure you are able to be fully present. To me, your experience is just as important as the result. Your only job is to enjoy the day. I will never sacrifice the moment for a good photo and when you see your photos, I want you to think about the love and happiness and joy you felt that day.

Finally, I think your legacy and the legacy of your family are very important. Just think, these photos will outlive you and they are a direct link to the past that would otherwise be visually lost. My goal is to document images of your loved ones exactly how they are today for your children's children to look at and hold and revisit for years and years.

film scans and slides from my parents and grandparents that inspire me...