I'm drawn to photos I couldn’t possibly have posed — photos that require close observation. No interruption or interference or fabrication. The honest story they tell just really resonates with me.

I want you to have beautiful images, but my goal is never to make your day about creating perfect photos. Your wedding day is not a photo shoot. I’m not there to replicate a viral trend, or to make pretty photos for my feed. I will never sacrifice the moment for a good photo. Instead, I want you to allow yourself to be present and fully experience your wedding and then your photos will reflect that. Your photos will reignite a memory for you and have genuine memories associated with them.

I want you to look at the pictures and recognize yourself — the way you interact with each other, the way you laugh, move your hands, your habits, mannerisms, expressions. I want the people you love to completely recognize you too. I want the photos to make you feel a range of emotions and I want them to feel unexpected, but familiar. I love frames that are conversational and not quite in place. Others may deem them imperfect, I deem them real, believable.

I consider myself a calm presence on the wedding day, a quiet observer blending in like a guest, documenting things as they happen. You can expect that I will be attentive, helpful, laid-back and encouraging at your wedding. I want to be a support and friend to you, fully present when you need me to be, and non-interfering when you don’t.

Finally, I think your legacy and the legacy of your family are very important. Just think, these photos will outlive you and they are a direct link to the past that would otherwise be visually lost. They ripen and gain more value over time. My goal is to document images of your loved ones exactly how they are today for your children's children to look at and revisit years and years later. That’s a big part of how and why I do what I do.

Below are discovered photos of my parents and grandparents that continue to inspire me to be an honest storyteller —