I shot my first wedding in high school in 2010, and have worked with hundreds of amazing couples since then. I spend many weekends witnessing and documenting many unique, beautiful, sacred and intimate moments between couples and their loved ones and that just hasn’t gotten old. I believe whole-heartedly in un-coerced, honest wedding photos. I want you to experience your day and then see familiar photos of yourself and your people exactly as they are, without interruption. I would consider it a huge privilege and honor to be a witness and documentarian at your wedding.

I am based in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I live with my husband, Luke. We got married May 2020 on a warm and windy day on Lake Michigan with our parents and siblings present. I serve couples all over Michigan and the Chicago area.

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— I love rich vivid color, snail mail, messy bouquets, key changes, and cozy lighting. A good thrift find, watercolors, the sound of a symphony tuning, and grainy blurry old photos.

— I’m very happy in a kayak, or on my yellow bike. Also at the lakeshore, and walking around my neighborhood in Heritage Hill.

— I'll want to ask you about your latest trip, favorite concert,

and current Netflix show.

— I have around 15 pairs of glasses, give or take. Some people may say that’s too many, I think it’s fine.

Instagram: @emilymoelkerphoto

Personal instagram: @emilytilma

I lived in India for awhile and afterwards I also backpacked around Thailand, Bali, Australia and New Zealand.

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